Karrueche Tran
“She’s trying incredibly hard to make it as an actress and he has given her some advice,” a source said about Karrueche Tran (pictured) and Jeremy Piven. Getty Images/Paul Archuleta

Is Karrueche Tran about to embark on a romance with “Entourage” star Jeremy Piven? Even though the two hung out together, and posed for a picture, sparks are not flying, an insider told Hollywood Life in an exclusive report Thursday.

“She’s a natural flirt and so is he, but that’s it,” the source said. “Karrueche is definitely not interested in dating Jeremy.” Though he might be fun to hang out with, he’s “not her type.”

Plus, the model has been focusing on an acting career. “She’s trying incredibly hard to make it as an actress and he has given her some advice,” the insider added.

The rumor started after Star magazine quoted a source who said the stars were flirting. “Karrueche was gushing about ‘Entourage,’ and Jeremy was clearly loving the attention,” the insider explained. “She just wants to have fun. Jeremy is perfect.”

Since her break from ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, Tran has landed a gig on the "StyleHaul" Web series “Vanity,” which also stars Denise Richards. During an interview with JetMag.com, she said work has helped her deal with her breakup from ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.

“It helps to block out all the noise,” she said. “When I have all this drama going on in my personal life and unfortunately, it’s all over the media, I can just work and put my time and energy into that. You can’t go wrong with working hard.”

Tran described her character, Vanessa, as a “bitch.” “That’s not me in person,” she said about the new role. “I have a lot of anger and emotions built up so, again, I’m able to use that as therapy and really get it out with my character. It’s a lot of fun and I love playing her.”

The celeb was excited about the interview and posted a clip to Instagram. “Honestly, I’m just really happy and blessed, living in this moment and embracing it,” she said.

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