Kate Gosselin
Kate Gosselin, pictured at a book singing at Barnes & Noble in New York City in 2013, is rumored to be in a custody battle with her ex-husband Jon Gosselin (not pictured). Getty

Kate Gosselin has yet to address rumors her ex-husband Jon Gosselin is seeking custody of their 11-year-old daughter Hannah. Despite her radio silence on the subject, the "Kate Plus 8" reality star did post a touching photo of her offspring to social media over the weekend.

"Me and my running girlies got our #gotr run done and had fun!" Kate, 40, wrote on Twitter Saturday. The post included a candid photo of Kate posing and smiling with Hannah. Jon and Kate's daughter and fellow sextuplet Leah, 11, was also included in the shot.

While some of Kate's Twitter followers gushed over the personal snap, others have noted that the image post does come at a suspicious time. Last week, reports surfaced that Kate's former husband and"Jon and Kate Plus 8" co-star, Jon, 38, was seeking to gain custody of Hannah. In Touch reported that Hannah had complained to Jon of Kate's "cruelty"at her Wernersville, Pennsylvania, home. In response, Jon is said to have taken "emergency custody" of their daughter. After spending four days at Jon's home in late-April, Hannah was reportedly returned to Kate.

While Kate currently has primary custody of their eight children, fellow sextuplets Joel, Collin, Joel, and Alexis and 14-year-old twins Mady and Cara, In Touch claimed that Jon was planning to seek a custody modification. Part of the modification will reportedly include a request for TLC to discontinue filming the children for the reality series "Kate Plus 8."

"Hannah doesn't want to film but Kate is making her," a source told the magazine. "And she's not the only child who has no interest in being on the show."

Jon's attorney Kristen Doleva-Lecher commented on the rumors on Friday, telling Us Weekly her client was focused on protecting his children. "Jon's priority is what is best for the kids... [He will] fight for them. Jon is currently not commenting on the situation. His focus remains on his children."

While some of Kate's Twitter followers said the mom of eight's decision to share the photo of Hannah on Saturday was her attempt to put the custody rumors to rest, others are claiming the TLC reality star had other motives. "It's obvious that Kate put this picture up to show people that her kid is there. That's crafty thinking," said on Twitter fan. "Wow. Talk about damage control. I hope Hannah has no clue Kate has an ulterior motive for taking a pic with her," said another follower. "She's trying to get people to forget the reports of abuse of Hannah. Not happening, again," said one fan.

Kate and her brood of children return to TLC in June for a special episode of "Kate Plus 8." The installment will follow the Gosselin family as they travel to Mexico for Kate's birthday.