Kate Hudson, Matt Bellamy
Are Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy married? REUTERS

Did Kate Hudson secretly marry her longtime beau Matt Bellamy?

Hudson's mother Goldie Hawn thinks so -- at least according to a recent interview with English paper the Evening Standard.

In the interview, Hawn, 66, had nothing but praise for her children's parenting skills.

My kids are fantastic with their children, they have an amazing parental ethic and I'm very proud of them for that . . . when my daughter Kate married an English rock star it didn't worry me; all that matters is that the relationship is a good one. What people do is not necessarily who they are, Hawn told the paper (via the Vancouver Sun).

Oops. Did Hawn really let the cat out of the bag just like that?

Naturally, fans and gossipmongers alike have been all over the alleged wedding news. And naturally, there are some naysayers out there.

While Hudson, 32 and Bellamy, 33 are proud parents to baby boy Bing, 8 months, the couple is still engaged, a source told Us Weekly.

The source also noted that Hawn herself never got around to marrying Kurt Russell, but has been calling him her husband over the years.

On Sunday night, Hawn took to Twitter to address the wedding news slip -- vaguely.

Responding to what appears to be a fan's Twitter message about Hudson and Bellamy's new marriage, Hawn wrote Baby they never get it right!! Xx.

The message was posted some two days after Hawn wrote (to the same fan), Darling once again twisted the truth. They aren't married. Xx.

According to People, the (maybe married) couple were spotted in Cancun last weekend.

Before being romantically linked to Bellamy, front man for Muse, Hudson was previously attached to New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez. She was also married to Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson for six years, before filing for divorce in 2006. Hudson and Robinson are parents to Ryder Russell Robinson, who recently turned 8 years old.

Hudson and Bellamy have been engaged since April 2011.

This is the latest secret wedding to make headlines in Hollywood. Last month, Natalie Portman was spotted wearing what appeared to be a wedding ring when she walked the red carpet at the 84th Academy Awards. While Portman and her partner Benjamin Millepied have yet to confirm the news, the couple's jeweler confirmed to People that she made the matching wedding bands.

Do you think Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy are married?