The BBC underestimated Kate Middleton in a shocking recruitment video.

According to Alice Scarsi, a journalist for Express, the BBC released a video in an awkward attempt to recruit young journalists to work on a new podcast. However, the Duchess of Cambridge was involved after asking young people to name a celebrity that describes the company.

The BBC covered the common criticism it received in the past years and stressed that young people see them as Prince William’s wife, who is then described to be as “nice, posh but not relevant.”

“We are challenging some outdated perceptions of BBC News and this light-hearted recruitment video highlights that,” a spokesman for the BBC said.

BBC News was also branded as “babble of poshness” for middle-aged white men. Aside from Middleton, Sir David Attenborough was also named and was described as “brilliant but old.”

The BBC said that the statistics they used were based on anecdotal feedback from young people but not from detailed audience research. Scarsi noted that the corporation didn’t conduct an official survey or examine the young people’s views prior to coming up with the daring conclusion.

One netizen reacted to the report and disagreed about Middleton being not relevant.

“They're wrong - about ‘Irrelevant’ ... KM, has more integrity than a non equal women's pay, employer ?” user sunshine wrote on Twitter.

Last month, a number of netizens expressed their disappointment in the Duchess of Cambridge for accomplishing so little even though it has already been almost a decade since she joined the royal family. One netizen said that Middleton was not at the level she expected the duchess to be after eight years.

Another netizen agreed and said that after eight years Middleton has nothing to show. The user continued and dubbed the royal mom of three as “duchess do little.”

Meanwhile, another netizen compared Middleton’s accomplishment to those of her sister-in-law, Meghan Markle. The Duchess of Sussex has become an official member of the royal family for only eight months, but she was able to release a project (Together: Our Community Cookbook), had a successful Commonwealth tour and excelled in delivering speeches.

In related news, a shocking video has claimed that Prince Harry is divorcing Markle due to his secret love for Middleton. However, instead of sharing facts to support its claim that Prince Harry and Middleton are having an affair, the video report talked about something else. Many netizens criticized the report, calling it “absolutely evil” and “clickbait.”

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton was described as “nice, polish but not relevant” in BBC’s shocking recruiting video. Pictured: Middleton waves as she leaves a community centre in Dundee after meeting with employees and their families from the local Michelin tyre factory, eastern Scotland on Jan. 29, 2019. Getty Images/Ian Rutherford