Kate Middleton disappointed some fans due to her lack of improvement as a royal.

One Twitter user noticed how the royal family has reinvented the Duchess of Cambridge and questioned it since Middleton has been a royal for eight years already. The post garnered several responses from other netizens who also noticed how Prince William’s wife allegedly underperformed.

“I have been saying for the longest time that Kate is not a the level I would expect her to be at after 8 yrs in the Royal family. She is forever stuck at year 1!!!!!” Sasha commented.

“[I] noticed that...but really, 8 years and there's nothing to show,” another user wrote, adding that Middleton will always be known as the “duchess do little.”

Another user felt that the royals reinvented Middleton to increase her popularity in an effort to keep up with her sister-in-law Meghan Markle. A different netizen agreed that it could be the case.

A number of people also questioned Middletons’ interest in charity. Maya said that Middleton was just clubbing and shopping during her dating years with Prince William and didn’t really care about charities until they got married. Another claimed that Middleton didn’t care and still doesn’t.

The same netizen mentioned an article advising Markle to take her time and added that Middleton was in her mind upon reading it. Unlike the Duchess of Cambridge, the Duchess of Sussex didn’t have a hard time adjusting to her royal role and the netizens noticed this, too.

Maya mentioned how Markle released a project (Together: Our Community Cookbook), had a successful Commonwealth tour and excelled in giving speeches in less than a year after joining the royal fold.

Another user said that she was surprised by the said article considering Markle’s background. The former “Suits” star spent years building her own brand and wealth. She has developed a strong mindset and commendable work ethics, so it’s not surprising if it didn’t take her long to excel in her royal duties.

Recently, Middleton has been carrying solo engagements. In fact, she didn’t join Prince William in Switzerland because was also busy with her own schedule. While the Duke of Cambridge was in Davos, Middleton visited Family Action charity in Lewisham, south London.

Do you agree that the royal family has been reinventing Middleton?

Kate Middleton
Netizens felt that Kate Middleton didn’t really improve eight years after joining the royal family. Pictured: Middleton looks toward a counsellor while she takes part in a role-play exercise during her visit to a new national support line at the charity, Family Action on Jan. 22, 2019 in Lewisham, England. Getty Images/Adrian Dennis