Kate Middleton has had fashion faux pas too just like many of us.

One netizen took to Quora and asked if the Duchess of Cambridge has ever suffered from fashion mishap as she is always beautifully dressed. Some netizens said that they could not remember any, but one royal fan said that Middleton had several fashion mishaps in the past and shared several photos of it.

“Of course! She’s had her frustrating moments like we all have. But she handles it with grace, just like we try to do also,” Gwendolyn Hendrix wrote.

According to Hendrix, before Middleton married Prince William and had access to the royal allowance her style was a “mishmash of bohemian chic and often did not work for her.” She added that Middleton wasn’t worried about being in a fishbowl, so it didn’t matter as she was pleasing herself. However, after she got her own stylist her fashion improved and she has been rocking it most of the time.

Hendrix shared a number of photos of Middleton making fashion mishaps. In one snap, Middleton can be seen climbing a car with what appears to be a white cloth beneath her top. In another snap, Middleton donned a colorful outfit by wearing a green top, yellow shorts and pink socks.

There were also several photos of the Duchess of Cambridge having Marilyn Monroe moments. The duchess has been photographed struggling while the wind blows up her skirt. In some photos, Middleton’s derrière was exposed. Although the incident was embarrassing many praised the royal’s “great bum.”

There was also a time when Middleton’s stiletto heels got caught in a grate. Middleton was seven months pregnant with Prince Louis when it happened, but she just laughed off the mishap and continued greeting the staff of the Action on Addiction Community Treatment Center.

In related news, Middleton’s secret to wearing heels all day has been revealed. The Duchess of Cambridge uses Alice Bow’s leather insoles to enjoy her favorite footwear. Alice Bow offers a solution to “ugly or ineffective insoles,” so women will feel comfortable with their shoes and enjoy it.