Prince William and Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton hosted a secret dinner at Buckingham Palace without her husband, Prince William. Pictured: Prince William and Middleton attend a meeting of the Michelin Action Group at a community centre in Dundee after meeting with employees and their families from the local tyre factory which is to cease production on Jan. 29, 2019 in Dundee, Scotland. Getty Images/Ian Rutherford

Kate Middleton had a secret dinner at Buckingham Palace.

On Wednesday evening the Duchess of Cambridge hosted a private dinner at the Queen’s official London home as patron of the Royal Foundation. There are no further details about the said dinner, according to Hello!

However, Marie Claire revealed that Middleton had a “solo engagement at Buckingham Palace” and this suggests that the other Royal Foundation patrons Prince William, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were also not present at the dinner.

“A solo event at BP? I can't remember if she's done it before as she usually has her events at KP,” one netizen commented on a post by Gert’s Royals.

According to Gert’s Royals, Prince William, Middleton and Prince Harry have had solo engagements at Buckingham Palace from time to time for receptions and dinners, so Middleton’s solo engagement wasn’t new. This also depends on what is available and how much space they need.

The publication noted that the Duke of Cambridge also visited Mental Health Innovations at Phoenix Brewery on the same day. Prince William and Prince Harry love a good pint at the local pub, so the said visit was probably a fun one for the father of three.

Just recently, Marke’s friends spoke up about the online attacks directed toward the pregnant royal. According to the Duchess of Sussex’s anonymous friends, the reports against Markle were not true.

Markle’s friends defended her from her critics and stood by her. According to them, she didn’t change even if she’s already a royal. She still accommodates them and she also cooks for herself and Prince Harry every day.

One pal also addressed Markle’s family issues. According to her, Thomas Markle Sr., never reached out to Markle. In addition, her half-siblings Samantha and Thomas Markle Jr., who made various claims against the duchess were never really part of her life. They just resurfaced when they learned that she’s dating a royal.

The netizens also reacted to the report saying that Kensington Palace made a “terrible job” at defending Markle, so she’s blessed to have friends who bravely spoke on her behalf. Twitter users felt that the palace only defends reports against Middleton.