It has been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery -- so the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton must be thrilled by her very own impersonator, Heidi Agan, who is now adding a fake baby bump to complete her royal get-up.

The Corby, Northamptonshire, single mom of two and previous waitress recently added a collection of various-size baby bumps in order to better suit Middleton in her various stages of pregnancy, reports BBC.

“As Kate grows, I will too -- to be authentic, I thought it was important,” said Agan, 32, who began impersonating the famous Duchess last year after customers at Frankie and Benny’s restaurant repeatedly told her she was the royal’s doppelganger.

“It’s just something I never thought would happen to me but has turned out to be the most wonderful thing ever,” said Agan, who studies everything from Middleton’s wardrobe to her habits and even her posture.

“I have to get the clothes, the mannerisms, the way she stands and interacts with William right. Things like that are all important if I want to be the best,” said Agan, who said planning for Kate’s burgeoning maternity wardrobe has proved challenging.

“It’s difficult at the moment as she’s not big enough yet to change her entire wardrobe, so it’s difficult to see how she’s going to dress it,” she said, stating the most she ever spent on a replica clothing item was 300 pounds ($456 USD) for a dress.

Despite the oddity of her career path, Agan said her family is supportive and proud of the recognition she receives, but Agan admitted that she isn't keen on being romantically linked to either royal brother.

“I don’t think either William or Harry are my type; they are too tall,” said Agan. "Is that diplomatic enough?”

Agan first expressed her joy at the news of Middleton’s pregnancy in January, posting on her Facebook fan page saying, “Yay, Duchess of Cambridge baby due in July! Another great summer to come [sic]!”

The Daily Mail reported in 2012 that Agan makes more than $1,000 per hour to make appearances dressed as the British royal.

While Agan is photographed with fans daily, the duchess herself was last seen on St. Patrick's Day when her heel got caught in a grate while meeting Irish guards in England.