Even though dresses sell out within hours after Kate Middleton wears them, the Duchess of Cambridge is not another royal trendsetter like her husband’s late mother Princess Diana, according to fashion experts in New York.

Catherine is just a “style follower” and ideally not a fashion icon, say the experts.

She is stylish, but she's not setting trends, she's following trends, Gregg Andrews, a fashion director at U.S. department store chain Nordstrom, told Reuters.

If you take Kate out of the royal family, put her on a street in New York, you wouldn't look at her twice. She's a beautiful woman, but she blends into a crowd, he added.

Fashion experts agree that people are obsessed with everything Kate wears but she is no style icon.

Is she iconic at the moment? Time will tell. She's certainly influential. In the position that she's in you can't be simply stunning as she is and not have influence, Neiman Marcus Fashion Director Ken Downing was quoted as saying by Reuters.

While Kate has constantly been compared to the glamorous Diana, the Duchess of Cambridge has always maintained that she doesn’t want to be seen as a “royal clothes horse.”

Kate has proved so innumerable times by repeating her wardrobe at different public events. Some of the pictures here show Kate Middleton gracing similar dresses at different occasions.