While Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton looked stunning in her red dress and tiara at Buckingham Palace in London Tuesday evening, it's not the only thing people were talking about. Rumors swirled she was pregnant after Life & Style claimed that she was expecting baby No. 3 with Prince William. 

While another prince or princess of England would be exciting, it’s just a hoax. Gossip Cop, who famously debunks celebrity rumors, reported that she is not with child. Gossip Cop gave one major reason that Middleton, 33, is not pregnant: She drank wine with Chinese President Xi Jingping. Footage from ABC’s "Good Morning America" shows the Duchess clinking glasses and then sipping the alcoholic beverage.

Gossip Cop also cited several times that Life & Style erroneously reported stories about Middleton. In March 2015 it wrote about “delivery room drama” even though she hadn’t given birth yet, and in May 2014 it claimed she was pregnant months before she conceived Princess Charlotte.


This time around, Life & Style ran a headline about “Kate’s Official Announcement.” The publication credits a "royals insider" with saying: “It happened far quicker than they expected -- they’d just started trying for another child. But William and Kate are so excited!”  

The mag wrote a baby bump wouldn’t be visible in the near future. “They say Kate is at the very beginning of her pregnancy and won’t show any sign of a bump until next year,” the quoted source said. “Friends are saying the baby will arrive around June.”

The tipster even reportedly claimed that Middleton is having “funny food cravings.” She likes “very spicy curries and pizza with piles of chili flakes,” the source said, according to Hollywood Life. “When she was expecting George and Charlotte, she developed the same taste for hot foods.”

Buckingham Palace has not issued a statement about the baby rumor.

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