They have had large roles in the UK as the future King and Queen Consort, but Prince Williams and Kate Middleton have been able to enjoy some aspects of a private life due to their country home. However, as their royal roles increase, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge may be forced to say goodbye to some of those perks.

According to a report in The Talko (via Express UK), while the couple will certainly get some perks as they rise in the ranks, they will also have to say goodbye to some of the privacy they’ve enjoyed, including ample time at Amner Hall, which the publication predicts will decrease further when they take on the Duchy of Cornwall.

“There are definitely some benefits to moving up in the ranks, like having access to income from the Duchy of Cornwall,” the publication wrote. “But not all of the changes will be fun for Prince William and Kate. They love spending time with their family in Amner Hall, which was a wedding present from the Queen herself. But most of the time they reside in an apartment within Kensington Palace, which is a much more convenient location when it comes to performing royal duties.”

However, with their increased duties that will see them potentially spending more time in London as their roles grow, the couple likely won’t have a chance to escape to their quiet country life as much as they like. It is believed this change will happen following Queen Elizabeth’s death and Prince Charles’ assumption of the throne.

“When Prince Charles takes the throne, it’s likely William and Kate will spend a lot more time in Kensington Palace instead of being able to escape to Amner Hall,” the publication added.