• Kate Middleton thinks only Prince Louis looks like her among her three children
  • Netizens have mixed reactions to Prince Louis' looks
  • Some Twitter users think Prince Louis looks like Kate Middleton's dad Michael

Kate Middleton thinks that only Prince Louis inherited her looks among her three kids and she loves it.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have three children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. Among the three royal kids, only Prince Louis looks like their mother.

“Everyone always comments on how Louis is the spitting image of Kate,” a source told People. “She loves it and thinks it’s very sweet, she often jokes that he’s the only one of her kids who actually looks like her!”

When Prince Louis was born, royal fans had a discussion on whether he looked like his dad or his mom. The netizens gave mixed reactions.

“Prince Louis looks JUST like Prince William, right down to the wrinkly fingers,” one commented.

“Everyone is like 'Prince Louis is just like his father,' but can we take a moment and talk about how similar Louis' face profile is to Kate's when she was a baby,” another added.

Meanwhile, a comparison photo of Prince George and Prince Louis made the rounds online in 2019. Many Twitter users were convinced that Prince Louis looked more like his grandfather on Middleton’s side at the time.

“Louis looks like Kate's father, Georgie like his father! But they got a few features that make them into brothers,” one social media user wrote.

“Prince Louis looks nothing like Prince George. Prince Louis looks alot like Kate's father,” another commented.

Prince William and Middleton’s youngest child celebrated his second birthday on Thursday (April 23). The duchess celebrated the event by releasing new photos of her son.

The move didn’t surprise royal fans who were actually expecting it. The Duchess of Cambridge considers herself an amateur photographer and she usually shares new photos of her children on their birthdays.

Royal commentator Angela Mollard also expected the future queen to share new photos of Prince Louis to mark the milestone.

“As we know, every year on their birthdays, Kate tends to release photographs,” Mollard said. “The ones released recently have been really solidifying and uplifting for not just people in Britain, but around the globe. I think we can fully expect that on Louis and Charlotte's birthdays, we will be seeing new pictures of them.”

Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince Louis
Pictured: Prince William and Middleton pose for photographers with their newborn baby boy Prince Louis on April 23, 2018 in London. Getty Images/Jack Taylor