Kate Middleton and Prince William’s worst night of partying revisited.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge met at university and during their college years, they were just like other students. They enjoyed nights out and they got drunk.

In the documentary “Prince William at Thirty,” the couple’s worst night at university turned out to be the night where they got drunk. Middleton couldn’t carry herself back to her room, so she had to be carried back into their halls of residence, St. Salvator’s, which students also called Sally’s.

“I can remember Kate having to be carried back to her room by one of the Eton boys, because she couldn’t walk and she was paralytically drunk, as we all were during that week,” said Helen McArdle.

Prince William also had a similar experience.

“On another occasion, I remember William coming back – I think after celebrating the end of his exams – and falling into a bush outside Sally’s and having to be retrieved by his bodyguards,” she continued.

Prince William and Middleton met and started their friendship there because they joined the university in the same year and were living in the same hall. They quickly became friends and immediately formed a “tight group” along with Prince William’s friends from Eton. She also remembered the instance that convinced her that the two were already more than friends.

According to her, she saw Prince William and Middleton at Ma Bells, a popular drinking location for students in St. Andrews that they also called Yah Bells. At the bar, she saw how Prince William pinched Middleton’s bottom.

“Well they’re definitely a couple then,” she told herself.

In related news, Prince William and Middleton are reportedly well-off compared to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. According to an insider, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex don’t have the same financial resources as the Cambridges, so they won’t be hiring too many staff.

The new parents do not have a chef, so Markle does the cooking. The former “Suits” actress also didn’t hire a baby nurse but relied on her mom, Doria Ragland, during the first weeks of being a new mother.

Prince William, Kate Middleton
Prince William, Middleton meets with Irish Guards after attending the St Patrick's Day parade at Cavalry Barracks in Hounslow, where they presented shamrock to officers and guardsmen of 1st Battalion the Irish Guards on March 17, 2019 in Hounslow, England. Getty Images/Gareth Fuller-WPA Pool