Kate Middleton is not a social climber.

One netizen took to Quora and asked if the Duchess of Cambridge is a social climber. The inquiry received a number of responses, and all who replied defended Middleton. For them, Prince William’s wife does not have to try to climb up the social ladder because she was classy.

“She doesn’t have to be she was born into class! Everything I seen of this girl tells me that her parents put a lot of love and time into raising her! I applaud Williams choice for his Queen!” Bernice Liversedge wrote.

“No! She couldn’t climb any higher even if she tried!” a different user wrote.

Michael J. Sampson, who studied English and German History in Ireland, said he believes that Middleton is not a social climber because she was born into a wealthy family. She just fell in love with a man who just happened to be a prince and her future king.

Lesle Martin, who follows the royal family and their effect on British society, said that Middleton is definitely not a social climber. According to her, Middleton’s father is a very successful businessman, and she was already in the social circles even before she met Prince William by virtue of her father’s position in high society.

Susan C. Weber asked where else Middleton is going to climb. According to her, Middleton is already within reach of the top of the pecking order in her country. She will soon be married to the king because Prince William is second in line to the throne. Middleton is bound to be the queen consort unless she and Prince William divorce.

Some netizens are positive that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will never divorce and that Middleton will be a queen consort one day. Many believe that Prince William and Middleton’s marriage is stable. They recognize the fact that there would be ups and downs in her marriage with Prince William. However, both are mature and take their family and responsibility seriously, so they will surely stick with each other.

However, royal commentator Elaine Lui believes otherwise. According to her, Middleton wasn’t supposed to study at St. Andrews University and just enrolled there when the Duke of Cambridge announced that he was attending on the said university.

“There she got her way into Prince William’s circle – that’s also what we would call social climbing and networking,” Lui said.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton arrives to launch a new national support line at the charity Family Action on Jan. 22, 2019 in Lewisham, England.  Getty Images/Adrian Dennis