Kate Middleton and Prince William should take a left out of Princess Diana’s book, especially when it comes to raising their three children. The late royal was a wonderful mother to her sons, and Prince William and Prince Harry grew up to be amazing men, husbands, and fathers.

While speaking with Express, natural parenting expert and founder of Babyopathy, Angela Spencer, said that she understands that every child is unique. As such, every parenting style should also be unique.

But the expert did not also discount the fact that Princess Diana could be a wonderful example to her sons when it comes to raising their children.

“And the values of compassion and fun that both Prince William and Harry speak of fondly having learned from their mother are just as important as the values of independence and expression that the Duchess of Cambridge appears to install in Diana’s grandchildren. I think every wise parent takes the advice and experience from friends and family they feel is relevant to their own family situation and incorporates it into their own parenting ideals… After all, no one is an expert the minute their baby is born, they all learn as they go and get some things right and others wrong,” she said.

Spencer went on to say that the key is for parents to always remind themselves to never berate their children or judge them for their choices. Instead, parents like Prince William and Middleton should offer positive compassion and support to their kids.

Princess Diana was a very hands-on mom when she was still alive. In fact, she was the first member of the royal family to ever bring her young son with her on a royal tour. She was also the first royal mom to send her kids to a public school. And unlike other royal moms, she tried her best to give Prince William and Prince Harry a normal upbringing.