• Kate Middleton's family business receives negative feedback from customers
  • Kate Middleton's family business Party Pieces allegedly ignored several customers during coronavirus lockdown
  • Carole Middleton reportedly fired half of the Party Pieces staff in 2019

Kate Middleton’s family business Party Pieces is receiving several complaints from its customers amid the coronavirus lockdown.

Middleton’s parents Carole and Michael Middleton have been running their own business called Party Pieces, an online store that offers party supplies from kits, bundles and balloons to personalized cakes and banners. However, the company made several customers unhappy during the coronavirus lockdown.

Just recently, Party Pieces promoted several items on Instagram. However, the post gained negative reactions from previous customers who were not satisfied with its customer service.

“Shambolic experience. Please save yourself the trouble and order elsewhere,” natfarn86 commented.

“We ordered a personalised banner for our son’s birthday weeks ago and still haven’t received it. Instead we received another customer’s order who lives 3 hours away and has also had issues with this company.”

The social media user noted that both of them complained about the orders they received and neither of them received the promised new items. They were given a box full of items that they didn’t ask for, so she was forced to make another order to “another reputable company” for her son’s birthday.

“We have no trust or confidence in this company now and wouldn’t recommend them to anyone,” she added.

Another customer also shared the same horrible experience by commenting on a separate post. According to caronlee_123, she ordered stuff two weeks ago and couldn’t contact Party Pieces to correct her order because it was not right. No one answered the phone and they weren’t responsive on email either.

“Really not happy as it’s my partners 40th bday on Sunday and my order is totally obsolete now,” she wrote with an angry red face emoji.

“Hi, I am trying to reach out to you regarding my order without success, I need the parcel to be sent today to receive it before the weekend. Can you get back to me ASAP?! You are totally unreachable which is very bad customer experience,” melisandetnr also wrote.

According to her, she kept on calling the business phone but it would hang up every time and there was no way to reach out to them. She added that she selected express delivery and if the parcel won’t be sent out that day, it would not arrive on time. Fortunately for her, Party Pieces replied and assured her that the item would be sent out.

Back in 2019, there were rumors that Party Pieces was in trouble. Carole reportedly fired half of its staff. An unnamed source also said at the time that “there is a terrible air doom and gloom about the place.”

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