Kate Middleton may be considered a fashion icon to many, but even she faces criticism when it comes to choices she makes. Now, in a new report, it’s been revealed that the Duchess of Cambridge is actually held to a higher standard than her sister-in-law, Meghan Markle, and Queen Elizabeth, in particular, will reach out to reprimand Middleton when she disapproves of her attire.

In an interview with Quest Red, celebrity journalist Ashley Pearson revealed that if Queen Elizabeth doesn’t like the way Middleton, who will be a future Queen Consort when Prince William becomes King, appears in public, she will send the Duchess of Cambridge notes telling her so.

“Kate Middleton has a whole other set of rules and restrictions because she’s going to be Queen,” she said. “She and Meghan are not on the same page. Kate Middle ton has to wear the skirts at a certain length.”

“The Queen is regularly, allegedly, giving notes if she doesn’t like a certain hem or a certain outfit on Kate, or certain color tights,” she added.

It would make sense that Middleton might be held to a different standard from Markle because of the difference in their positions. While Middleton will one day be the Queen Consort, Markle won’t be since Prince Harry is not in direct line for the throne. Though she is also among the senior royals, she may not be faced with the same set of rules as her sister-in-law because her husband won’t ever be king.

Of course, the Queen isn’t the only one who has also criticized Middleton’s fashion in the past. In fact, the Duchess of Cambridge was slammed in March for the coat she wore during a visit to Blackpool with Prince William.

“Not a great idea to wear a coat that’s worth £1000 from SportsMax, maybe she could have worn something a little cheaper,” talkRADIO host Mike Graham said at the time of the outfit she wore during the visit.

“Yes I think that is probably a good point because the optics are not brilliant are they, if she is wearing an outfit that costs £2000 when you are visiting places like this,” Andrews added.

Queen Elizabeth II and Kate Middleton
Queen Elizabeth II and Kate Middleton arrive to visit Kings College, to open Bush House in central London on March 19, 2019. Getty Images/Niklas Halle’n