Gary Goldsmith, Julie-Ann Goldsmith
Gary Goldsmith will appear in court on Oct. 31 after allegedly hitting his wife, Julie-Ann Goldsmith. Pictured: The Goldsmiths attend the UK Premiere of “The Frozen Ground” at Vue West End on July 17, 2013 in London. Getty Images/Gareth Cattermole

Kate Middleton’s uncle, Gary Goldsmith, was recently charged with assault by his wife, Julie-Ann Goldsmith.

On Sunday, Julie-Ann was photographed walking the streets of Central London with her two dogs in tow. The 47-year-old is wearing an oversized sweater, pants and cap that covered most parts of her body except for her face and hands. In the photo, it was also evident that Julie-Ann had dark circles around her eyes.

Last week, The Sun reported that Goldsmith hit his wife and she accused him of doing cocaine. A taxi driver named Cabbie Daniel Shepherd claimed that Julie-Ann got knocked out after her husband hit her. Following the incident, Goldsmith, the younger brother of Middleton’s mom, Carole, was arrested on suspicion of domestic assault.

Shepherd detailed the incident by saying that the Goldsmiths’ argument started when they were in his taxi. After dropping them off in front of their house in London, the driver said that Goldsmith still continued screaming and swearing at Julie-Ann.

“She slapped him round on the face and his glasses fell off. He then turned and hit her in the face with a left hook. She fell and cracked her head on the pavement,” he said.

After seeing Goldsmith hit his wife, Shepherd said that he got out of his cab and tried to stop him from hitting her again. At this point, Goldsmith started taking photos of his cab and threatened to report him. After calling 999, two police officers arrived at the scene followed by four others and three paramedics.

“She seemed to have a black eye coming on. She was taken to the hospital and in an ambulance and the police knocked on the door of the house,” he said.

As of late, Goldsmith and Julie-Ann have not yet commented on the incident. But according to the Telegraph, the 52-year-old has already posted bail. He is set to appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Oct. 31.

In 2009, Goldsmith also made headlines after reports swirled that he was preparing cocaine at his villa in Ibiza. However, he was never charged with any criminal offence.