Pippa Middleton's "False Bottom"?
Kate Middleton arrives with her father Michael and her sister, Pippa, at Westminster Abbey before Kate's marriage to Britain's Prince William in central London, April 29, 2011. REUTERS

Pippa Middleton, who got engaged to hedge fund manager James Matthews in July, is rumored to be pregnant along with her sister Kate Middleton, according to a report by OK! magazine. However, the report has been debunked by Gossip Cop.

In the latest issue, OK! magazine headlined their Middletons story: “One’s having a boy, one’s having a girl!” It further said, “Kate will be 8 months along at Pippa’s wedding!”

“The news is twice as nice for the Middleton family: Sources say that not only is Duchess Kate expecting — her little sister Pippa, is too!,” the magazine’s report, cited by Gossip Cop, said.

“Just a few weeks back, Kate discovered that she’s expecting another little princess, and the buzz in Pippa’s circle is that’s pregnant, too — with a little boy,” the magazine said, adding that Pippa “will now have to endure whispers about whether hers is a shotgun wedding.”

A source told the magazine that Pippa and Matthews were “totally in love, and they were going to get engaged whether she was pregnant or not.”

“While both girls would ideally want time to recover from the births, Pippa’s ceremony plans may be so far along they’ll be heading down the aisle very pregnant,” another insider told the magazine.

However, the entire story by OK! on the Middleton sisters is bogus, according to Gossip Cop.

Several reports earlier claimed that Pippa and Matthews’ announcement of their engagement had soured the relationship between the sisters. However, Gossip Cop debunked those rumors too.