Kate Upton is turning up the heat on the set of the new comedy film "Layover." The sexy model was spotted wearing a cleavage-baring swimsuit while filming in Vancouver.

The Sports Illustrated cover model was seen standing near a pool, wearing an aqua-colored one-piece swimsuit with a floppy hat and sunglasses, as she was getting ready to film her next scene, reports E! News. Upton plays the best friend of actress Alexandra Daddario's character in the road-trip comedy, which is set for release in January 2016.

The two women reportedly have been enjoying filming the movie together, with Daddario even commenting how fun Upton is: "She is so much fun. She's so smart and she's so amazing and we're having the best time."

Upton, meanwhile, looked calm and confident wearing the sexy swimsuit on set. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight in February 2013, Upton admitted that she has always been comfortable in a bikini. The blond beauty, who grew up in Florida, told ET then, “It was everyday wear. I don’t really see what's wrong with being in a swimsuit."’

The sexy model’s summer beauty ad for Bobbi Brown cosmetics has also caught the attention of fans and critics, reported Spreadit. In the ad, Upton wears makeup from Bobbi Brown’s Telluride Collection along with a blue bikini top. This garnered mixed reactions from customers, some of whom objected to the amount of skin on display. But one Upton defender wrote: “Upton is an all-American beauty, perfect for this all-American cosmetic company.”

This is Upton’s third Bobbi Brown campaign and despite the mixed reviews, Kate’s swimsuit style seemed to be getting the biggest response. Bobbi Brown even revealed she was delighted to work with the model and applauded Upton for her confidence and natural style. "It’s really inspirational to see a woman who feels so good and so confident.  You do what you feel and you don’t follow anyone’s rule. You are not like anyone else, you are completely individual and independent."