“Dawson’s Creek” was the launching pad for Michelle Williams’ career. Since then, the actress has gone on to be nominated for four Oscars, but she almost didn’t get the role that put her on the path to stardom.

Entertainment Weekly reunited the “Dawson’s Creek” cast and writers recently, and creator Kevin Williamson revealed that “Grey’s Anatomy” actress Katherine Heigl nearly scored the role of Jen.

“You know who was also a contender for Jen Lindley?” Williamson asked in the special on People TV. “Katie Heigl.”

Dawson's Creek Katherine Heigl
Katherine Heigl auditioned for a major role on “Dawson’s Creek.” She is pictured at the “Unforgettable” premiere in Hollywood, California, on April 18, 2017. Richard Shotwell/AFP/Getty Images

The actress was 20 in 1998 when “Dawson’s Creek” premiered, and Williams was 18. However, Heigl came across as a bit too mature for the role. “Steve Miner, who directed the pilot, had brought her in, and I think she had just looked slightly older at that time, even though she was younger. I just think she was more mature. I don’t know if she fit.”

She came close to getting the role, though. Williamson still remembers her impressive read. “But she gave a great audition. I remember we were sort of all like, ‘Wow, she’s good,’” he recalled.

However, Williams was the one meant to play Jen while Heigl scored a different job on The WB just a year later. She starred in “Roswell,” which is currently being rebooted on the CW, for three seasons. In 2005, Heigl started working on “Grey’s Anatomy” as Dr. Izzie Stevens, which earned her a Primetime Emmy.

Williams, meanwhile, has focused on films. Despite more prestigious titles like “Brokeback Mountain” and “My Week With Marilyn” on her resume, the Jen actress is still grateful for her six seasons on “Dawson’s Creek.”

“I love how attached people feel to it now,” Williams said in the special. “The kind of overwhelming response that people still have to it, and how much they identify with it, and how much it was like a part of their life when they were growing up. Because that stuff that sort of gets in there during those really formative teen years, it kind of stays there. So I find it really heartwarming and really sweet when people talk about what it meant to them.”

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