Jace (Dominic Sherwood) died and was resurrected in the “Shadowhunters” Season 2 finale. Freeform

“Shadowhunters” Season 2, episode 20 recently saw the death of multiple characters.

In the finale episode, Sebastian (Will Tudor) died after it was revealed to Clary (Katherine McNamara) that inside his body is her brother, Jonathan (Tudor). Other than the villainous Sebastian’s demise, “Shadowhunters” Season 2 also said goodbye to big bad character, Valentine (Alan Van Sprang).

But there was one shocking death in the finale that left Clary in tears. Her partner, Jace (Dominic Sherwood), was killed by Valentine after the latter arrived at Lake Lin ahead of Clary and Jace, who were supposed to seal the portal. After Clary killed her own father, she begged the Angels to resurrect Jace, which they granted.

While speaking with TV Line, “Shadowhunters” showrunners Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer explained the three characters’ deaths and how they will impact Season 3. According to Slavkin, Jace’s demise will play a huge role in the series next year. “He was dead long enough for some strange things to happen to him, so take that as you will as we move into Season 3. We’re not really exploring whether he saw the afterlife, although we love that idea as writers,” he said.

Prior to the finale, the promos released by Freeform hinted on one major character’s death. However, there was more than one character that died in “Beside Still Water.” According to Swimmer, he thinks that Valentine’s death was the one being teased in the clips. “To me, it was Valentine. I wouldn’t necessarily say that someone dies when they come back,” he explained.

Meanwhile, a darker Clary will be introduced in “Shadowhunters” Season 3. After all, the lead character could’ve stabbed her dad only once, but she did so several times. “Clary will never be the same after this. Both of her parents have died, and she’s the one who killed her father. There’s no going back to the little 18-year-old talking about art school. She’s embracing her Shadowhunter heritage more than ever,” Slavkin said.

Freeform renewed “Shadowhunters” for a third season in April, and new episodes will premiere next summer.