Kathy Griffin talked about ageism and sexism in Hollywood in her new video.

On Thursday, the "Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List" star uploaded a video on YouTube discussing the issues of ageism and sexism between men and women in Hollywood. "I'm going to call some people out and piss some people off as usual because as you know, I don't give an F anymore," Griffin says in the clip.

Griffin was prompted to speak up about the issue after she read news about Donald Sutherland and Stockard Channing. Griffin learned that Sutherland will be receiving an honorary Oscar award at the ninth annual Governors Awards ceremony. Meanwhile, the article covering Channing was talking about her image and not her career as an actress, which the "Suddenly Susan" star finds to be "super misogynistic."

"Good for him, that's great. He's a talented actor and I'm glad he's getting an Oscar," Griffin says about Sutherland's upcoming honors. "But let's not kid ourselves. If you think that he gets paid the same as females he has costarred," she adds.

Griffin goes on and to talk about the article on Channing, where the magazine displayed a photo of her from "Grease" taken decades ago alongside paparazzi shot. The article did not sit well with the "Fashion Police" host because it talked about how "The West Wing" actress aged and not of her accomplishments. "Stockard is 73 she's so accomplished," Griffin says.

In the video, Griffin compares how Hollywood treats Sutherland and Channing while stressing that the former still receives the accolades, while the latter is stuck with people criticizing her for no longer looking like her character in "Grease" anymore.

"So there was my rant for the day. I know I'm gonna hear a lot about it and I know I left out a lot of facts but I think you get the point," Griffin says. "Support her, support other women. They're out there just doing it, grinding it out. Amazing work, time after time."

Griffin is very open with her opinions about certain matters. Earlier this year, she made headlines when she shared a bloody, decapitated head of Donald Trump on Twitter. The post gained a mixed reaction from her followers. Many found it offensive. Shortly after the fuss, she apologized.

However, in May, Griffin had a change of heart and took back her apology. "I am no longer sorry, the whole outrage was [explicit], the whole thing got so blown out of proportion," she said (via Entertainment Weekly). "I lost everybody."

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