Las Vegas-- Following the box office success of 2016’s “The Boy,” STXfilms is bringing back the horror tale for a sequel installment. On Tuesday at the studio’s CinemaCon presentation in Las Vegas, actress and star Katie Holmes was on hand to discuss the upcoming feature and unveil its first trailer.

Currently in post-production, the trailer for “Brahms: The Boy II” reveals the sequel will follow a family comprised of a mother, father and their son. The preview shows the couple facing a challenge as their son, played by Christopher Convery, becomes mute. In an effort to help him, they decide to move for a change of scenery and discover the mansion from the first film.

Once inside, Holmes’s character Liza discovers Brahm’s hiding place in the walls of the home and their son Jude discovers the doll, who tells his father told him to call him Brahms. Additional scenes show the boy sporting a doll mask. The movie contains the tagline, “He’s made a friend.”

While the film is a horror title, Holmes admitted onstage on Tuesday that she’s somewhat fearful of scary movies. “I like making them but it’s hard for me to watch them,” Holmes told STXFilms Motion Picture Group Chairman Adam Fogelson. “This was pretty terrifying to make when you’re working with the doll. I was scared.”

Prior to making the film, Holmes said she had no fear of dolls. Her stance has since changed. “I never thought of a doll being creepy, and now I have to rethink everything,” she quipped.

Fogelson revealed the film will take place shortly after the events of the first. “Brahms: The Boy II” is due to release in theaters this summer.