Down’s syndrome model Katie Meade is the face of new haircare line, Beauty & Pin-Ups. The brand is breaking down barriers and has introduced the 32-year-old brunette as the new face of their latest launch: Fearless Hair Rescue Treatment. The brunette beauty’s glossy locks take center-stage in the new campaign.

“It’s pretty cool because I love being a part of the Beauty & Pin-ups family, and I love being a part of Best Buddies and interacting with people,” Meade said about her partnership with the brand. She added she was very excited to be featured on the packaging of the brand’s hair mask. The youngster said she loved all the products of Beauty & Pin-ups.

Katie said she has already tried out the Fearless and I loved it because it made her hair soft. Beauty & Pin-Ups CEO Kenny Kahn said when he was looking out for a spokesmodel for the brand; he first wanted to feature “the type of women that the brand featured on the rest of their products.” However, as he had met Katie, already an ambassador of Best Buddies he thought of her to be perfect fit for the new campaign.

According to the CEO of Beauty & Pin-Ups, the brand celebrates women’s empowerment and what it took to be a pin-up in 1935. It carries that message in a modern sense. He added that Katie very well personifies an element of fearlessness.

Kahn said Katie had an outgoing personality as she was fun, comfortable and owned it while modeling the hair mask. For the model, apart from Jennifer Lopez, her sisters inspired her to look good. Katie said her sisters taught her to tie her hair into a bun. According to her, make-up made her feel good about herself and feeling good made one look good.

Katie works as an Office Generalist in her county’s treasury office, and is a former Special Olympics athlete. However, she wants to inspire people through her ability. She said she liked to try different things and simultaneously inspired women to do the same as beauty belong to everyone.

Katie has joined the likes of other models with Down syndrome like Madeline Stuart, who made headlines by taking the runway by storm at the New York Fashion Week in September and February.