After a breakup, women are bound to change something, whether it's a new look completely or subtle alterations like a new hair 'do.

Katy Perry, dealing with her upcoming divorce from Russell Brand, is no exception, as she was spotted in photos with a fan and short blue bob.

While it's not a drastic move for 27-year-old Perry, since her hair has been more colorful than roy g biv over the years, it appears to be a result of her breakup.

Since her divorce from Brand was announced when he filed on Dec. 30, Perry had been keeping a low profile, declining to appear at the People's Choice Awards Tuesday, but her breakup wouldn't stop her from appreciating a fan.

Perry took the photo with a fan she had met previously, Eric Berlanger, in Santa Barbara, Calif. according to The Sun. She was wearing a star-spangled Adidas tracksuit and was leaving the set after filming a commercial for the sportswear company.

It was great to see her, I have met her a couple times before and I am a big fan, Berlanger told The Sun. She was great, really nice, she seemed happy. She was in a van and saw me. I waved and she made the driver of the van stop and she lowered the window and I went up to her and she put out her hand and said: 'Hey it's good to see you again!'

Berlanger said he then asked if he can have a photo with Perry and she obliged and have him a hug.

With reports circulating that Perry has called vans to empty the couple's seven-bedroom X home in Los Angeles, Calif., Perry has seemed to find a way to cope, perhaps using shearers and some Nice 'n Easy.

So maybe there is a method behind the madness of getting a haircut post-breakup?

Katy Perry is not alone.

To nurse a broken heart, women frequently break the bank shopping or get a new haircut on impulse to shift life and bring in the new when the old is abandoned.

And it's more than just a cultural stereotype: A study conducted in July 2010 in London showed women are likely to chop off their locks in response to a depressing breakup.

Breakup Hair even made its way as a term on Urban Dictionary, defined as a spontaneous, and often ugly haircut a girl gets after going through a difficult breakup.

Celebrities are not immune to the concept of breakup hair, as Katy Perry demonstrated. Countless others dealing with a breakup, usually high-profile within the media's eye, have done the same, like Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and, most memorably, Britney Spears.

Here's a look at Katy Perry's new breakup hair and seven other celebrities.