• Derek Chauvin's wife Kellie reportedly wants sole ownership of their homes in Minnesota and Florida
  • Properties were bought after Derek and Kellie were married and were listed in both of their names
  • Kellie filed for divorce days after Derek was charged in the killing of Floyd

The estranged wife of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who was charged with the murder of George Floyd, is seeking both their homes in the divorce petition.

Kellie Chauvin, 45, filed for divorce May 28, two days after Derek was charged in the killing of Floyd. They were married for 10 years. The divorce petition stated "there has been an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage relationship of the parties.”

In the petition, Kellie, a former realtor, neither asked for nor offered alimony payments. However, she requested a "fair and equitable division" of personal property and vehicles, and sought for the splitting of all bank, retirement and investment accounts.

The Star Tribune reported Tuesday, July 7, Kellie wanted sole ownership of both their homes. While the home in Minnesota’s Oakdale was worth $273,800, their townhouse in Florida was valued at $226,282. The properties were bought after they married and were listed in both of their names.

Speaking to the newspaper, family law attorneys said it was too early to establish whether Kellie was seeking for more that half of the couple’s assets as splitting up marital assets is not a simple process.

"Homes are only one part of a marital estate, and without understanding what the other person is being awarded outside of the homes, [the divorce petition] is not actually telling you whether this person is asking for more than 50 percent," law attorney Jack De Walt told the newspaper.

Last month, reports stated Kellie was seeking to change her name after filing for divorce.

"She is seeking a name change solely because of this marriage dissolution, She is not seeking a name change to defraud and/or mislead creditors or anyone else, nor is she a felon,” the divorce petition stated, NBC News reported.

After the divorce petition was filed, Kellie’s attorney issued a statement saying, "Her utmost sympathy lies with [Floyd's] family, with his loved ones and with everyone who is grieving this tragedy. While Ms. Chauvin has no children from her current marriage, she respectfully requests that her children, her elder parents, and her extended family be given safety and privacy during this difficult time."

Meanwhile, Derek, who was charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter, is due in court Sept. 11.