Earlier this month, Colorado resident Patrick Frazee was convicted of first-degree murder, three counts of solicitation to commit murder, and tampering with a deceased human body for his part in Kelsey Berreth's murder. Now, new letters that Frazee allegedly wrote in prison while he was awaiting trial have been released.

According to the Daily Mail, the convicted killer penned a series of 17 letters to Jacob Bentley, another inmate at the Teller County facility, begging him to assassinate key witnesses who were planning on testifying against him. After reportedly speaking daily, Frazee allegedly "became insistent" that Bentley kill several people as soon as he was released from the penitentiary.

Bentley, who has since been released following a 30-day stint for failing to appear in court regarding a misdemeanor robbery charge, revealed what he said transpired regarding Frazee's request.

"He wanted me to help him beat the case," he revealed. "At first he was telling me he didn't do it and he didn't know where [Berreth] was, then he became more desperate for me to help him get rid of anyone with evidence against him, and he started passing me all these notes, telling me how to do it."

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The notes, which were written on paper napkins and on the back of commissary notes, included an extensive list of targets, including Frazee's former mistress Krystal Lee, Lee's best friend Michelle Stein, District Attorney Dan May, and others. Per Bentley's account, Frazee suggested that upon his release he could contact "some gang associates and they'd be on board for this mission."

Additionally, Bentley claims that Frazee laid out various plans for how he thought he should dispose of the bodies. Included in the plans were the instructions to take them out "in the desert." Frazee also allegedly asked Bentley to flush the notes down the toilet after he had written them down or memorized anything he needed. Bentley ultimately handed the notes over to the prosecution, which aided them in working towards a guilty verdict.

Previously, Stein had spoken about Lee's "legitimate fear for her life" in an episode of "48 Hours."

"He did a lot of threatening. He threatened Krystal a lot. He threatened Krystal's daughter," Stein said, adding, "... He did say, 'Little girls come up missing all the time.'"

Frazee was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole plus 156 years after being convicted on all counts. For her part, Lee has not yet been sentenced for her charge of evidence tampering. Her next court appearance will take place on Jan. 28.

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