Kendall Jenner shared a no-filter picture of herself on Instagram recently. The model shared an inspiring post with her fans by saying that she feels confident in her skin even without makeup, as she lay wearing only a towel in her bed after a bath.

Achieving flawless skin like Jenner is possible. The model revealed in a post on Instagram that she has been able to achieve her look by being consistent with her skin care routine every morning and night. The result is there for everyone to see in the photo.

Jenner took a bath and wrapped her hair and body in towels, and she laid down on her bed in a seductive pose. The model noted that she didn’t have any makeup on in the snap, and yet she felt “super confident.”

Apart from her daily routine, Jenner credits Proactive for her smooth skin. The model has in the past shared her struggles with acne and how using the products from the brand helped her to control breakouts. She has been actively sharing pictures of her with products from the company on social media.

Jenner previously shared a picture of her wearing a skin mask from Proactive. She wrote that she uses the product whenever she feels her skin needs some “extra love,” and added that people have to “slow down” once in a while.

Another brand that Jenner is currently promoting is her sister Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS solution wear. The model appeared in a promotion video of the brand and talked about how the Sculpting Bra and Solution Short, which she apparently likes.

Jenner said in the video that the Sculpting Bra and Solution Short hug her body in a way that makes her feel confident. The model also revealed that she feels self-conscious about her “broad shoulders.” Her favourite aspect of her body is apparently her height.