Kendall Jenner proudly wore her boyfriend Devin Booker’s gold medal while enjoying a lakeside trip.

In Booker’s Instagram post Tuesday, the “Keeping Up with The Kardashians” star could be seen lounging on a boat, wearing the gold medal that Booker had won as a member of Team USA’s basketball team at the Tokyo Summer Games earlier this month.

"LAKE BOi," Booker captioned the post.

Early this month, the 25-year-old  supermodel lauded her boyfriend’s victory in the Olympics by posting on her Instagram Story a screenshot of the winning basketball team with a gold medal emoji, ET reported. 

Booker and his USA Basketball teammates defeated France at Saitama Super Arena and finished first place at the Olympics on Aug. 7.  

Kris Jenner had also congratulated her daughter's boyfriend by sharing photos of his gold medal on her Instagram Story. 

While Kendall tends to keep her personal life private, she is a bit more open about her romance with the Olympic gold medalist, the ET report noted. 

In the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians: The Final Curtain” reunion show, Kendall even answered a question from a fan who asked why she seems to have a penchant for dating basketball players.

"I actually don't only date basketball players, if anyone's ever done their research, but I'm not ashamed that I have a type," she said, adding: "I'm also just a genuine basketball fan, so that's just kind of happened."

On why she chooses to keep silent about her relationships, she noted, "[My sister] Kylie [Jenner] and I have had the opportunity to watch our older sisters go through marriages and relationships and breakups and all these things, and do them pretty publicly. ...I think it makes my life a lot easier and our relationship a lot better [to remain private], to be completely honest. I just feel like it's a private matter, it's not really for anybody else to judge or know.”

A source was cited as saying by ET that Kendall and Booker are enjoying their relationship without any pressure.

"Devin Booker is sweet, smart, fun and totally not a player," the source said of the NBA star. "He is very respectful and was raised with very good values. Kendall finds that to be a very attractive quality." 

Kendall Jenner Kendall Jenner attends the Longchamp Fall/Winter 2019 Runway Show in New York City on Feb. 9, 2019. Photo: Getty Images/Craig Barritt