Kendall Jenner is reportedly preparing to take on her sisters Kim Kardashian West and Kylie Jenner with a number of products of her own. The model and reality TV star has apparently applied for a trademark for her name, which suggests that her products will be named after her.

The model has applied for a trademark for both the words “Kendall” and “Kendall Jenner,” Page Six reported. She is expected to use her name for products like skin cleansers, facemasks, body scrubs, shower gel, nail polish and lip gloss. The model is also expected to release a new fragrance named after her.

Kardashian West has already launched a fragrance that is named after her. Kylie, who has already launched products such as lip gloss, is expected to be launch skin care products soon. Koutney Kardashian too has launched a new venture Poosh that includes products like collagen for skin. While Kendall will not be in a direct competition with Kourtney, her products will certainly be a competition for the other sisters.

The Kardashian sisters appear to be building individual cosmetics companies that will compete with each other, but that need not cause any conflicts between them. Kim and Kylie for example collaborated on a perfume. It remains to be seen how the family will react to Kendall joining the club with her own fragrance.

 Kendall does have some experience with beauty products. She has been promoting them on her social media pages. Just last month she promoted Formawell Beauty products and the acne brand Proactiv.

From a business perspective too Kendall has picked up relevant experience. She announced a founding partnership with a new oral care company Moon, and shared a picture of her using the company’s teeth whitening pen on Instagram to celebrate the launch.

It remains to be seen how well Kendall will do in her upcoming business venture. Will she be as successful as her sisters?