Kendall Jenner recently shared a picture of herself relaxing in front of a fire with her pet dog. She has a Doberman Pinscher, and she referred to her pet and herself as two “psychos.”

Jenner appears to have completely recovered after telling her fans she was sick a few days ago. She shared a photograph of her relaxing with the fire going at what appears to be her home.

The Instagram post shows Jenner’s dog barking at the fire for some reason, while she looks puzzled about it. The model referred to her dog and herself as “psycho” and said that when two such psychos meet, there is bound to be love.

Jenner hasn’t been dating anyone ever since she split from Ben Simmons. She was recently spotted with her best friend Fai Khadra on a night out in Santa Monica, California. The two celebrities went to The Bungalow to have dinner, but they reportedly maintained their distance while leaving.

The frequent outings with Khadra have raised some questions about whether Jenner is dating him. He was also with her as her date when she went to attend her friends Hailey Baldwin and Justine Bieber’s wedding earlier this month, People reported.

Knowing that the tabloids and her fans would eventually ask her about the possibility of her being in a relationship with Kharda, Jenner took to Instagram to explain to everyone that she was just bringing her friend as a date for the wedding, and they are not dating.

A source close to Jenner has said that the model is currently spending time wither friends and enjoying herself in “fun mode.” She may eventually start dating someone, but the insider pointed out that she is a very protective of her private life and doesn’t want people to talk about who she is dating.

Kendall Jenner
In Picture: Kendall Jenner adjusts her hair on stage at Westfield Parramatta on November 17, 2015 in Sydney, Australia. Getty Images/Lisa Maree Williams