As a model, Kendall Jenner is very conscious of her skin. She has been busy these past few days with different events in New York, but has managed to keep her skin looking fresh and healthy. The celebrity recently shared a close-up selfie of her face to show her fans how she has been maintaining it despite her busy schedule.

Jenner used her cell phone in order to take pictures of her face, and she shared them on her Instagram page. The model has her hair swept back and has blue nail polish on. The post has over 1.6 million likes as of this writing.

Knowing that her fans would want to know the secret to her smooth skin, Jenner’s daily routine was previously revealed online, and a  video of it is available on YouTube. The model washes her face morning and night each day with a special cleanser that was formulated by Christie Kidd.

Jenner begins the day by washing her face with warm water. She applies the cleanser on her face and gently rubs it in. There is no scrubbing  involved. After rinsing, it is important to pat dry the face, according to Kidd.

One of the skin problems that Jenner has admittedly faced is acne. She has an acne fresh pad that she can wipe her face with to control this problem. The model then applies a sun block that is essential for any skincare routine.

Jenner believes in this routine, and she strictly follows it in the morning and at night. The routine is so important for her that she hasn’t even tried her sister Kylie Jenner’s skincare products, the model previously told Bustle.

Talking about why she doesn’t want to use her sister’s products, Kendall said that she is “stuck” to her routine and doesn’t want to do “too much.” The model, however, has partnered with Proactive and believes in their products.