Kendra Wilkinson
Kendra Wilkinson, pictured at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California, on Jan. 10, 2015, declares “war” on her mother in the “Kendra on Top” 2016 premiere. Getty Images

Kendra Wilkinson makes it clear in the “Kendra on Top” Season 5 premiere that she’s royally upset with her estranged mother. While Patti Wilkinson does not share her side of the story on the WE tv series, Kendra declares “war” on her in episode 1, “Return of the Jayde-Eye,” after learning she’s planning to write a tell-all book.

“Even though I haven’t talked to my mom in years, she somehow finds creepy a-- way back into my life,” Kendra says after learning of Patti's book plan via social media. “I want to move on in my life, and now I have to deal with my mom.”

Kendra tells her husband, Hank Baskett, she’s not concerned about what her mother will write about her, but that Patti is “selling her child out.” Hank tells Kendra, who has released two memoirs herself, she cannot stop her mom from telling her side of the story. Kendra responds by declaring “war” on her mother.

“We’ve always had a difficult relationship,” Kendra tells the cameras. “She did nothing but add pain to my life. ... She took my tears off my f---ing face and sold them.”

While Kendra may be ready to duke it out with her family member, Patti recently said she’s not planning to out her daughter in print. “It’s about my life, what I went through raising my children alone,” Patti explained to her fans about her book plans on Facebook last month. “Since I am being portrayed as this horrendous mother by her, I have the right to tell my story.”

Patti, who said she is considering hiring a ghost writer, hopes the experience will bring her peace of mind, and a few extra dollars. “She is cashing in big time at my expense, so Lord knows I could use a few bucks telling exactly what happened through the years,” she wrote. “It will be very therapeutic for me, I think. I don’t want fame at all. Just want my story told accurately.”

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