Divers have recovered the body of Maeve Kennedy McKean from the Chesapeake Bay. The remains were found at 5:31 p.m. on Monday night after authorities initially suspended their search on Friday.

McKean, 41, went missing on Thursday with her son, Gideon, 8. The pair had reportedly been playing kickball at the Maryland home of McKean’s mother on the bay when the ball ended up in the water. They went out on a canoe in order to retrieved and were believed to have been dragged out further by choppy water and winds.

The search for Gideon will continue on Tuesday.

Rescue divers found the remains in a 25-feet deep section of water roughly 2.5 miles from where the mother and son initially set off from. The canoe they had used was found at around 7 p.m. on the first night of the search.

“After a days-long search that involved aviation and underwater imaging solar technology, authorities recovered missing person, Maeve Kennedy Townsend McKean, on April 6 at approximately 5:31 pm,” the Maryland Natural Resources Police said.

McKean was a member of the well-known Kennedy family and the granddaughter of former U.S. Attorney General, Senator, and Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy. The family has a history of experiencing tragedy, as just last year, Saoirse Kennedy Hill, 22, another granddaughter of RFK, died of a drug overdose at the Kennedy Compound in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts.

crime scene This is a representational image showing a crime scene. Photo: Getty Images/Jonathan Alcorn