Kenneka Jenkins' death at a hotel in Rosemont, Illinois, has sparked outrage as many are waiting to learn what really happened to the Chicago teen before she was found dead in a freezer. While social media users continued their guesswork about the 19-year-old's cause of death, Rosemont mayor said late Wednesday that rumors about the case is hindering the probe.

"It's unfortunate that some of that stuff's convoluting the investigation because all those leads have got to be followed up on," Rosemont Mayor Bradley Stephens said after his annual state of the village address to the Rosemont Chamber of Commerce. "As I'm sure you've seen, there's a lot of different, conflicting speculation out there, so (police) are doing their best to come to a quick resolution, obviously. I think everybody wants to know what happened."

Jenkins' death took the internet by storm Monday as social media users suggested she was set up by her friends to be raped and killed for money. Twitter users also dismissed police report earlier that said Jenkins was so intoxicated that she may have accidentally stumbled inside the fridge of the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel & Conference Center. The family of Jenkins also claimed "foul play" and an "inside job" in Jenkins death.

Late Wednesday, new details emerged in the ongoing death investigation of Jenkins. Police said they have been analyzing surveillance footage and Facebook video from the night of Jenkins death and they will share hotel CCTV video with her mother Tereasa Martin on Thursday. The footage, however, will not be made public until the completion of the investigation, Rosemont spokesman Gary Mack said, according to Chicago Tribune.

"We're trying to be as understanding as we can to the mom and to be as compassionate as we can," Mack said. "Now that our detectives have had the chance to look at it, we're hopeful it will be helpful to her."

Rosemont police said that videos from 47 surveillance cameras at the hotel, as well as videos posted on social media, are being reviewed. So far, police have located and interviewed 12 people who were there at the hotel the night Jenkins was found dead. Four of the people interviewed "were involved in some way," police said.

"At this time, the incident is still an active death investigation. Our detectives are working around the clock to identify, locate and interview all persons who were involved," a police statement released Wednesday read.

The new details of the investigation comes just a day after a new video surfaced online showing Jenkins partying in the hotel room with a bunch of people. “Dis another live video with all them n----- & females who was in that room with all know some! She was seen at 1:38sec & 3:34 ...... R.i.P Kenneka Martin #kennekajenkins #WATCH,” Facebook user Randle Jordan captioned the video.

Soon after the video was shared, social media users jumped to get details of the night with some commenters saying Jenkins did not appear to be drunk in the video.

“Who knows what time any of this is but if the time is right... she's not staggering drunk! So it has to be the hotel lyin. They are yet to show footage besides her walking in the building. They have to have something so you telling me the girl that work there was able to go behind the desk on an off day and mess with the cameras without anyone knowing!? Come on and I didn't see her take the drink from the other girl,” commenter Myiesha Chenise wrote.

Earlier another video was shared on social media allegedly recorded by Jenkins friend Irene Roberts and posted to another friend Monifah Shelton’s Facebook page. In the cryptic video the teenager could apparently be heard saying, “Help me,” in the background.