Kesha got a stunning makeover, or make-under rather, by Glamour magazine. Known for wearing neon makeup and pounds of glitter, the pop star opted for a toned-down makeover of soft eyeshadow, light eyeliner, nude lips and beige nails.

That makeover did not last long. The Kesha we all know and love is back and is more outrageous than ever.

On Tuesday, Kesha tweeted a photo of a man with a lizard shaved into his hair with the caption My next haircut? Then, later that day, she tweeted [It] Is happening with an image of her with the left side of her hair shaved off and replaced by gold metal studs.

This 24-year-old bad girl certainly knows how to wow her fans. This is awesome, replied Twitter user Joanna Peders. Yesssss!!! tweeted @ThatMIXXEDKidd.

People say that rock 'n' roll is dead, and I am making it my mission to resurrect it. I have rock 'n' roll pumping through my veins, the singer told Glamour magazine during her makeover for the March issue. The makeover shocked many because Kesha has always been seen with crazy beauty styles.

My makeup is usually left over from the night before, she told the magazine.

Despite the attempt to make-under the pop singer, Kesha is a rebel at heart. And body paint remains one of her favorite accessories.

Oh, the body paint stays. It's my favorite thing to do. Sometimes I have parties at my house in Nashville and it's clothing-optional, and we just body-paint each other and run around, and I have a giant bed. I'm very much in touch with that side of myself, she said. Kesha even has plans to come out with her own line of body paint.

The singer is getting in touch with her fashion-forward side and has plans to create multiple lines, along with more music.

I'm in the middle of writing a new record. I'm taking so many different instrument lessons. I'm also designing animal-friendly jewelry and a fake-fur line. So if a man is not, like, the second coming, then what's the point? I have other s--t to do, Kesha told Glamour.

Her favorite beauty product? I found Bumble and Bumble dry shampoo that is like God's gift. You don't have to shower. You just put it in and instantly look like the eighties.

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