Sometimes it's just been a long week. Sure, Alfie Lun, age 2, got the chance of a lifetime when he met the queen Thursday, but little man wasn't feeling it, and that's quite OK.

Alongside his mother, Alfie met Queen Elizabeth at the grand opening of a war memorial honoring the military personnel who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. But amid serene music and the quiet dignified presence of the 90-year-old queen, Alfie grew a bit restless.

Waiting to greet the queen and holding the hand of his mother, Michelle, Alfie did a pirouette of sorts as royalty approached down a walkway. Lun picked her son up, but he still wasn't happy, shaking his head and turning away from Elizabeth. Eventually Alfie handed a bouquet of flowers over to the queen — but not before throwing an incredibly cute tantrum. A clip of the incident started to gain traction online Thursday. 

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Alfie's mother was dressed in her service uniform at the event opening the war memorial. 

"We shall be forever grateful to them for the part they played," the queen said in a message for the event's official program. "It is with pride that we honour the contribution of all those members of the armed forces and civilians who served our country — at home and abroad — while endeavoring to bring peace and stability to Iraq and Afghanistan."

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It's not uncommon that a kid Alfie's age would throw a tantrum. The phase when children are 2 years old, of course, is commonly nicknamed the terrible twos. Acting out in such a manner is usually an expression of frustration, perhaps not understanding a situation or how to complete a task, the Mayo Clinic wrote on its website.

"Young children don't plan to frustrate or embarrass their parents," it wrote. "For most toddlers, tantrums are a way to express frustration."

So Alfie likely didn't want to create a scene meeting the queen, but even in the presence of royalty, kids are kids.