Kim Kardashian is on her way to showing the world what she is made of -- as an actress.

BlackBook reports Kardsahian just landed a leading role in Tyler Perry's coming film, The Marriage Counselor.

The movie is supposed to begin shooting in Atlanta Wednesday.

The film is based on Perry's 10th stage play, The Marriage Counselor, says Ace Showbiz. The story follows Judith, who will reportedly be played by Jurnee Smollett. Judith is an Ivy League-educated marriage counselor who is bored with her life. This boredom leads Judith to cheat on her husband with a client. But the story takes a turn when Judith realizes she made a huge mistake.

Kardashian will play Ava, Judith's co-worker, who gives Judith a makeover and helps her to renew confidence in herself.

Kardashian has acted before, making guest appearances on popular shows such as How I Met Your Mother, 90210, and CSI: NY. She was also in two rather unknown movies, Disaster Movie and Deep in the Valley.

BlackBook said everything else pales in comparison to Kardashian's biggest acting role yet -- the portrayal of her daily life on reality television for Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Mara Siegler of BlackBook wrote: Kim's a great actress. We know this because of her show, and well, her life, which is really just one long money-making performance art piece.

Many individuals took to Twitter to voice their skepticism. User @Flawless_EhEhF1 wrote, Not looking forward to seein' Kim K. in this new Tyler Perry movie. She's a bad actress on REALITY TV. A movie LEAD? Heyol no.

However, it is an open question whether people should really criticize Perry's decision to cast Kardashian in his film. After all, Perry topped Forbes' 2011 list as the highest-paid man in entertainment after having made $130 million in a year.

Kardashian and Perry are both laughing all the way to the bank.