Kim Kardashian has four months left in her pregnancy but is already showing off a huge baby bump and weight gain.

Since her New Year's pregnancy announcement, Kardashian had been keeping her developing pregnancy curves covered, hiding baby "Kimye" behind wraps and tied jackets.

But Kardashian showed off her new curves this week, wearing a skin-tight black dress while filming her reality show in California on Monday. The television star paired the outfit with black Louboutin heels.

Kardashian stopped at a gas station before heading to meet her mother, Kris Jenner, to film scenes for the show. While exiting her car, Kardashian made sure to hold her baby bump.

Just days ago, Kardashian suffered a miscarriage scare and was rushed to the hospital fearing she lost her baby.

When she arrived in California following being in Paris for Fashion Week with boyfriend Kanye West, the New York Post’s Page Six reports that she became worried about her child.

“Kim started feeling ill on the plane from Paris and called friends as soon as she landed,” a source said. “She was rushed to her doctor Tuesday night in tears. She thought she was having a miscarriage.”

It was later confirmed that she did not have a miscarriage, but her doctors warned her to stop exercising as strenuously as she has been and to sleep more.

"Kim’s not respecting her pregnancy,” an insider told Page Six. “She’s running around, working out seven days a week. She’s working with two different trainers to control her weight, including Tracy Anderson and a pregnancy trainer.

She’s scared that her ass is as big as a couch and is going south,” the source continued. “But she is having a very rough pregnancy, and doctors have ordered her to slow down.”