Kim Kardashian is keeping a check on her younger sister Kylie Jenner to regain her popularity, Hollywood Life reported Tuesday. The gossip comes after Kardashian, along with sisters Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian, was sued for not tweeting enough about her makeup line.

“The latest lawsuit involving Kim’s failed beauty line has her upset and concerned. So much so that she recently visited Kylie’s lip kit factory to see how she is doing things and to get some tips from the younger sister. Kim is considering another line of products and after getting sued for a failed beauty product, she went to Kylie to learn how to do it right,” a source told Hollywood Life.

“Things have flipped for Kim and Kylie. The tables have turned and the student is now the teacher. Kylie loves all the attention she gets on social media and feels like her sisters had their era in the spotlight and now it’s her time ... Kim recognizes how successful Kylie is becoming and she is taking clues from Kylie. It is not just in beauty but in social media too. Kylie was the first to jump on Snapchat and now Kim [is] following her lead,” the insider told the entertainment website.

The Kardashian sisters are facing lawsuit filed by Hillair Capital Management for breaching their contract and not promoting their Kardashian Beauty line. The company alleged that the trio “immediately” stopped marketing and promoting the line.

In the complaint, Hillair said that “all parties understood that the Kardashians’ full support and cooperation was essential to the success of the Kardashian-branded ‘Kardashian Beauty’ line,” People magazine reported. The company further said that “the Kardashians wanted a better deal than they had struck with Hillair. Towards this end, they failed and refused to properly market and promote the line in the hope that a more lucrative financial deal would materialize. It never did.”