Kim Kardashian signs copies of her book "Selfish" at a Barnes & Noble in New York, May 5, 2015. Reuters

A massive mural of a nude Kim Kardashian outside an Australian restaurant must come down after a local resident complained about its “content and color." Zigi Ozeri, who owns Zigi’s Art, Wine and Cheese in the Chippendale neighborhood of Sydney, said orders from City Hall that he take down his mural within 14 days are “narrow-minded.”

“I guess a blank wall will soothe the souls of those who complained about it. Poor old Kim can’t catch a break,” Ozeri told the Guardian. Either he or Lushsux, the artist behind the work, could face a $3,000 fine for the mural. Lushsux has also created a Kardashian mural in his home city of Melbourne that was defaced at one point.

The outdoor mural in Sydney stands more than two stories tall on the wall of Ozeri's bar. He was told to get rid of it after he failed to apply for a development application before putting it up and a neighbor complained about the sultry image.

The mural shows Kardashian covering her unclothed body with both arms wrapped around herself. It's a copycat of a selfie Kardashian posted earlier this month.

Lushsux is a Melbourne street artist whose real name is Mark Walls. Another Australian artist, Scott Marsh, has also received international attention recently for painting an image of Kardashian’s husband, Kanye West, locked in a passionate embrace with himself.

“It attracts a lot of attention, and much like Kim, I don’t seem to mind that too much,” Walls told Guardian Australia. “Anything that triggers someone to write an abusive epic rant in a comment section on the internet is good for business.”

The Sydney City Council defended its decision to censor the mural, calling its policies on street art “common sense."

“Most new murals, including those commissioned by the City of Sydney, require development consent,” a council spokeswoman told the Guardian. “This ensures the property owner consents to the mural and there is consultation with neighbors about what’s proposed.”

Ozeri has often tapped local artists to paint his bar's outdoor wall. “The whole idea of what we do here is to support artists, and … just to make the lane livelier, rather than a dark, boring wall,” he said. “We want to see bright colors, we want to see beautiful art.”

Kardashian and West are famous for their respective reality TV and music careers, but their social media pictures and rants are also widely shared and dissected. This week, Cosmopolitan.com editors Elisa Benson and Patti Greco and writer Jill Filipovic debated whether Kardashian's nude selfie was empowering to women.

"Just because something feels good or earns you money, that doesn't mean it's empowering," said Filipovic, who wrote "How Kim Kardashian Killed the Term 'Empowerment."