Kim Kardashian might be a new supporter of “Free the Nipple” after the faux-blonde star posted a selfie to Instagram on Wednesday. Kardashian recently posed in a fake wig and claimed she bleached her hair, once again, but instead of all eyes being on her golden locks, they were on her bosom.

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Instead of talking about her wig, people began to comment on her apparent wardrobe malfunction at the bottom of the image. But the slip might have been on purpose. Many believed it looked like Kardashian’s nipple was showing through her bra, while others came to her defense.

Either way, it certainly gained tons of attention. More than 670,000 IG users liked the image and hundreds commented. “It's just a wig,” she captioned the picture. “Looks so real though right?”

Kanye West’s missus returned to IG two hours later and ignored comments about her apparent wardrobe malfunction. Instead, she just posted another selfie. This time, however, Kardashian, 33, covered up with a leather jacket and focused the camera closer to her face.

“Night!!!” she wrote. “#ILooKLIkeATotallyDifferentPersonWhenMyHairIsBlonde” Though not as many people “liked” the image, is still gained a staggering 590,000 likes.

When she revealed her new look earlier in the day, she didn’t say it was just a wig. “It's baaaaack!!!!” she captioned the image. “#BlondeHairDontCare.”

By pretending she had dyed her hair it seems like the starlet was desperate for attention. And if she didn’t get what she wanted by posting the “blonde hair, don’t care” picture, she certainly did by posting a seflie where her nipple showed through.

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