Kodak Black may still be in prison, but that isn’t stopping the “Tunnel Vision” rapper from getting in trouble behind bars. While the hip-hop artist remains locked up, new allegations have surfaced, accusing the rapper of assaulting a woman at strip club in Miami.

The Sun Sentinel reports that the accusations come from a police incident report taken on Feb. 2, the date of the alleged incident. The accusations have yet to result in any formal charges, but the case is listed as open/pending.

Although the case is still being investigated, the Florida Department of Corrections added the battery claims to the list of ways the 19-year-old rapper has violated his house arrest. Due to the new accusations, Kodak appeared in a courtroom on Tuesday morning. “Because there are pending motions with regard to this case, we are unable to comment,” his lawyers Gary Kollin and Allan Stephen Zamren said in a statement.

According to the police report, the woman accusing Kodak Black of assault is 34-year-old Jennifer Cunningham who works at Club Climaxx in Miami. On the date of the alleged incident, Cunningham, who is a bartender at the club, told police the rapper “approached her and started acting belligerent.”

Cunningham went on to tell Kodak to back off which allegedly led to the rapper hitting her in the forehead with his right arm. The accuser claims she pushed Kodak away, but he then began to “punch her numerous times all over her body and then kicked her, stopping shortly after.”

“What I can tell you is that there was an altercation that ended in my client being assaulted,” said Matthew Kotzen, the accuser’s lawyer.  

Originally arrested at the end of February, Kodak was expected to be released in early-March. The “Everything 1K” artist appeared in court on March 10 for a hearing to determine if there was enough evidence to consider him a “danger” to the residents of Broward County, Florida.

Kodak’s latest arrest came after video footage surfaced, showing him at strip club in Miami and boxing match in Ohio, violating terms of his probation. The Miami club he was spotted at is the same one where he is accused of assault. The rapper will have a final violation hearing on April 19 which could determine if he will be released or serve more time in jail.