Jordan Vogt-Roberts
Jordan Vogt-Roberts wants to helm a “Black Mirror” episode. Pictured: Director attends the premiere of “Kong: Skull Island” in Los Angeles on March 8, 2017. Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

Jordan Vogt-Roberts wants to direct a “Black Mirror” episode.

Vogt-Roberts has just released the 2017 American monster film “Kong: Skull Island” but he already has another project in mind. He wants to be part of the list of directors who helms an episode of Charlie Brooker’s hit and chilling anthology series, “Black Mirror.”

“I would love to do a Black Mirror episode – that would be incredible,” Vogt-Roberts told Digital Spy. “My friend Dan Trachtenberg did an episode of that.”

The “King of Summer” director added that he had no plans of doing TV show episodes unless it’s as influential and creative as “Black Mirror” and “Stranger Things.” Vogt-Roberts added that he had no interest in just collecting paychecks in this type of project, but that there were TV shows that opened great opportunities in building amazing worlds that one can’t do with films.

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As of press time, the new season of “Black Mirror” has no release date yet. However, the series is available for streaming on Netflix, The Centurion reported.

Each episode in the series was set in the future with plausible plot scenarios. Among the stories featured in the previous seasons was the invention of eye contacts that allowed the user to pause, rewind and play his entire life. Another interesting plot was the episode with VR-like simulation game system that could enter one's deepest and darkest fears.

However, “San Junipero” was the most popular episode of the series, which featured a surreal dystopia.

The episode followed the story of two women, Yorkie and Kelly, who met in a world defiance of space and time. They were healthy and young on their first encounter. They were in control of everything, but in real life, both were sick, aging and dying. They were confined in a futuristic hospital where death was an option because one can continue living in a brand new world with an alternate reality and it was where they met.

“Black Mirror” fans reportedly wanted to revisit “San Junipero” in the new season but a sequel or spinoff was unlikely although it was appealing. “It’d be fun to do a San Junipero sequel,” director Owen Harris told The Hollywood Reporter. “But you have to remember that if there is a sequel, Charlie Brooker will be writing it. He’ll go all Black Mirror on it and he might not want to do two happy endings!”

Should Brooker allow Vogt-Roberts to direct a “Black Mirror” episode? Do you also want to revisit San Junipero” in the new season? Drop a comment below.