Rick Ross
Rick Ross releases video for "MMG Untouchable" off his mixtape "Rich Forever." REUTERS

Months after Kreayshawn dissed Rick Ross during a freestyle, the pair had an altercation caught on video at the 2011 VMAs Sunday night.

The fight began over a rap from newcomer Kreayshawn: You tryna play me like a boss/But you're faker than Rick Ross/I'll f**king cut your d**k off.

While backstage at the MTV VMAs, Rick Ross and his entourage confronted Kreayshawn and her manager Stretch for a heated exchange.

You know what she did, you know what she did, a member of the Rick Ross circle said.

Oakland's Kreayshawn responded to viewers, saying, Nobody likes Kreayshawn but it's ok. We all have fun, we all have fun out here but things are getting a little too serious.

According to several sources, Kreayshawn had targeted Rick Ross multiple times for being fake in radio freestyles and videos on Ustream.

Kreayshawn is no stranger to drama as she reported earlier this week that her Twitter account was hacked, leaking naked photos of the rapper while she was underage.

Oh and they leaked out private photos of me while I was underage. Real nice guys! Spreading child-prono thats cute, she told Hip Hop Wired.

Kreayshawn was nominated for a VMA for Best New Artist for Gucci Gucci.