Less than two months into his marriage with reality-TV star Kim Kardashian, New Jersey Nets forward Kris Humphries is already nervous about all the attention he will be getting as a result of being with one of the most popular celebrities.

UsWeekly followed the couple to a restuarant called Jack and Jill's Too in Los Angeles, Calif., where Kardashian asked Humphries if he was prepared to deal with all the flashing cameras that would be following him.

He responded with a look off to the side, followed by suggesting, Maybe you should move to Minnesota with me. You could move into my little place on the lake, [and] we can just start pumping out babies.

Humphries then admitted that it was annoying to have a lot of people following the couple, and as a result, it could lead to issues that shouldn't really be there.

At one point when the paparazzi surrounded Humphries' car as he was getting ready to drive off after dinner, he exclaimed, Get off the car!

In the video below, Humphries holds Kardashian, covers his face with his hat and just walks to the getaway car without saying a word to the paparazzi. Think he can handle it?