Kris Jenner may have confirmed Kylie Jenner's and Khloe Kardashian's pregnancies in one of her latest Instagram posts.

Last week, the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" momager shared a photo of pajama bundles from Burt's Bees Baby on Instagram. "Thank you so much #burtsbeesbaby @burtsbeesbaby #bbbfamjams for the most amazing collection of family jammies ever and i am obsessed with the plaid !!!!!" Kris wrote in the caption. "Can't wait to cuddle up with the kids #holidayseason thank you for a collection for every one of my grandchildren."

According to People, the photo showed nine pajama sets. Kris wrote the names of her grandchildren on six of the sets: Dream, 1, Saint, 1, Reign, 2, Penelope, 5, Mason, 8, and North, 4. The publication noted that the three remaining sets could be for the three babies on the way. In her caption, Kris noted that those were her presents for "everyone of my grandchildren."

Kim Kardashian has already confirmed that she is expecting her third child via surrogate. Meanwhile, Kylie and Khloe are rumored to be expecting children of their own. The two are reportedly pregnant with their first babies with their boyfriends, Travis Scott and Tristan Thompson, respectively.

The "Life of Kylie" star has kept mum about her rumored pregnancy. However, multiple sources previously claimed that she is indeed expecting a daughter. In fact, she threw a "pajama-themed" baby shower a day after Kim did.  During the celebration, guests were prohibited from using their mobile phones as the event will be aired. 

Kylie reportedly does not want to be photographed these days because she is too self-conscious of the changes in her body due to her pregnancy. "Her body is changing and she's very self-conscious about it," a source told People. "She's always been insecure that she's not as curvy or pretty as her sisters."

"Even though this is a very exciting time for [Kylie], she wants to be more private for now and is doing her best to stay out of the public eye," another source said. "She feels good, but her body is changing. She doesn't want to be photographed."

Do you think that the three sets of pajama bundles are for Kim, Khloe and Kylie's babies? Drop a comment below.