Kourtney Kardashian
Kourtney Kardashian is being pushed to start dating again by her mom, Kris Jenner. In this photo, Kardashian attends an event on Nov. 14, 2015, in Culver City, California. Getty Images/Charley Gallay

Kris Jenner is encouraging her daughter, Kourtney Kardashian to start dating again. Kourtney is now single, following her split from long time boyfriend, Scott Disick. In a sneak peek from an upcoming episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” Season 11, Kris asks Kourtney is she thinks that Scott is “The One.”

“I’m just telling you to keep an open mind, It would be kind of cool if you ever went on a date,” says Kris, as she is seen having a chat with Kourtney in the video shared by E! Online. However, Kourtney does not appear to be so keen on following her mother’s advice. “I am not a dating person,” she says. “I did the dating thing before Scott for like a minute, and it was so not for me.” [scroll down for video]

Kourtney also confesses that she doesn’t think that jumping into a new relationship is the best move for her. After all, she just got out of a relationship that lasted nearly a decade. She and Scott broke up back in July, after a tumultuous romance that was peppered with disagreements about his partying lifestyle and alcohol abuse. The final straw came in the summer, when Scott was photographed canoodling with another woman, while on one of his party binges in Europe.

Kris doesn’t give up so easily and continues to prod. “I mean, in your mind, do you think ‘I can’t wait to meet The One?’” she asks. When Kourtney still fails to show enthusiasm, Kris goes straight to the point and asks if Kourtney thinks that Scott, is in fact, “The One.”

Kourtney refuses to give a definite answer, and simply says, “I don’t know.” Despite her aversion towards dating, Kourtney has recently been rumored to be hooking up with pop star Justin Bieber. The pair has been spotted together recently, giving rise to dating speculations. She has also been seen having dinner with P. Diddy’s son Quincy, earlier this month.

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