Kristen Bell
Kristen Bell has been sending out contradictory statements to her Twitter followers following Donald Trump’s win as the 45th U.S. president. Pictured: The “Frozen” voice actor posing for the camera at “Bad Moms” premiere in Los Angeles, Calif., on July 26. Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

Kristen Bell has been very vocal about her support for Hillary Clinton during the campaign period. However, she has somehow found a way to make peace with the idea that someone else could win the presidency prior the announcement of the results.

On election day, the “Frozen” voice actor took to Twitter to send a message of peace and unity to everyone, and she wanted every American to be on good terms again. “No matter who wins — my offer still stands — can we PLEASE all be friends again in the morning?” Bell wrote, adding the hashtag “#TeamHuman” to emphasize that she will not be picking sides anymore.

The “Veronica Mars” star also voiced a strong message of unity on her Instagram account. She posted a snap of her shoes that are adorned with elements and colors of the American flag. To express just how the pair of shoes and the colors work together, she captioned the photo: “My shoes today, that I will wear often following this madness. A reminder that the left cannot exist without the right, and vice versa. To move forward, the left and right must work together.”

Despite asking for unity, however, Bell did not miss the chance to voice out her genuine thoughts on President-Elect Donald Trump and his supporters. In her responses to some of her fans and in the retweets she made, she made it very clear that she loathes the idea that Trump will be sitting as president come January next year.

When a fan responded to her tweet about being friends again with Trump being the representation of a repugnant person, Bell agreed to this and even went as far as throwing shade at Trump’s supporters. “Sadly his followers don’t realize the true depths of his trick — he doesn’t care abt (sic) any of them — and the proof will come out in his actions,” she wrote.

When she caught sight of the responses to her tweets, however, Bell defended herself by clarifying that she’s only been promoting unity amid the division that is very prevalent since Trump won. Even then, she did not miss the chance to point out her aversion toward Trump. “The hate tweets I’m getting based on trying 2 (sic) promote unity inspite of division is a perfect example of how his hate has already affected us,” the star of NBC’s “The Good Place” tweeted.

Dax Shepard’s wife went on to retweet messages alluding to how Trump seems to be unfit for the position and how he has underestimated women and mocked people with disabilities. Bell also concurred Chris Lowell’s powerful message on Twitter that read: “We must reach out to our friends in the immigrant, LGBT, people of color & female communities. Promise you’ll fight for them. And do.”